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Thank you for your interest in The Lonerider Spirits Founders Club.

This is a unique opportunity to invest in an individualized cask of North Carolina bourbon whiskey. As part of our initial production in 2020 we will offer the first 500 casks to individuals looking to invest in something different. Owners of the first 500 casks will be a part of the exclusive Founders Club. You will find all of the relevant information on how to become a Founders Club member by downloading the Lonerider Spirits Prospectus PDF

Download the Lonerider Spirits Prospectus PDF

What are the options available to Founders club Investors after 5 years?


Investors may choose to have the contents of their personalized bourbon casks bottled on site by Lonerider Spirits.

These can be used as corporate gifts for your clients, gifts for friends and family or sold with the proper permits. Each bottle will have your name, unique cask number and unique batch number displayed making each bottle that bit more special.


When mature, at 5 years, cask owners may choose to either take ownership of the cask, removing it from the bonded warehouse and reselling it at a potentially appreciated value.

We cannot guarantee the market value in 5 years but at present bourbon whiskey is continuously increasing in value.


Investors may choose to keep the cask at the bonded warehousing for a longer period to allow it to mature further before bottling, with some additional charges for storage and insurance.

These are currently estimated at $100 per year per cask or 1.1% of the cask's market value in year five (see additional information in the prospectus). This gives the investor the opportunity to possess a rarer and potentially more valuable cask of bourbon whiskey.


The safety net: Apart from offering the potential for significant price appreciation over the long-term, this proposal offers a virtually risk-free investment due to the structuring of a unique buy-back proposal offered by the Distillery.

Casks will be offered to investors in a similar form to discount bonds, with initial entry prices at a substantial discount to the eventual buy-back par value offered by the Distillery at the end of year five. Casks will be offered to investors at discounted prices. This price includes the relevant cask, the whiskey and its ingredients, the labor of the Master Distiller, plus storage and insurance for the five-year period. The proposal therefore offers investors a virtually risk-free return minimum 4% annually compounded return. In other words, on maturation, the Distillery offers to execute the right to buy the cask back at the predetermined agreed value, offering investors a minimum 4% annually compounded return on their initial purchase.

We at Lonerider Spirits would like to invite you to join us on this exciting journey and to become an important member of The Founders Club.

Lonerider Spirits hopes this exclusive project from an independent distillery appeals to your independent spirit for owning spirits! Once 20 barrels have been sold we will be commissioning and commencing in January 2020 (or earlier depending on demand). Founders club cask production will run until all casks are sold. All casks will be stenciled with your name, cask number and date of distillation.

Complete information on the investment opportunity is contained in the prospectus.

Download the Lonerider Spirits Prospectus PDF

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