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Lonerider Spirits Stages of Ages Bourbon Tasting Experience

July 18 7:00 pm

Event Description
Join us for an exclusive bourbon tasting event at Lonerider Spirits Distillery. This unique experience offers a rare opportunity to taste and learn about our bourbons at different stages of aging, including an 8-month, 12-month, and 2-year-old sample of the same bourbon. You’ll also get to enjoy our finished products, aged for three years and finished in sherry, tequila, or stout casks. This is a perfect event for bourbon enthusiasts and novices alike!

What’s Included
Guided tasting of four bourbon samples:
8-month-old bourbon
12-month-old bourbon
2-year-old bourbon
One finished 3-year bourbon (choice of sherry cask, tequila cask, or stout cask)
Insights on bourbon aging and finishing processes
Light appetizers to complement the tastings provided by Knucklehead BBQ

Tasting Session
8-month-old bourbon sample (0.5 oz pour)
12-month-old bourbon sample (0.5 oz pour)
2-year-old bourbon sample (0.5 oz pour)
Finished 3-year bourbon (choice of finish, 1 oz pour)
Q&A Session: Open floor for guests to ask questions
SPECIAL: 1 Lonerider non bourbon sample (0.5 oz pour)

The bourbon that will be samlpled is a High Rye bourbon
60% Corn | 36% Rye | 4% Barley