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Lonerider Spirits “Trick or Treat – Bundled Bourbon Cocktail Box” for October

Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain. Over the centuries, Halloween transitioned from a pagan ritual to a day of parties, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating for kids and adults. But why should adults not get a treat on this day of tricks and fun for the kids? That’s where the October Bundled Bourbon Box comes in!

To celebrate Halloween the Trick or Treat Bundled Bourbon Box celebrates this month with three different cocktails – a skull topped bar spoon is the perfect mystery gift for this month! The cocktails featured in this box are the Halloween Bourbon Creamsicle, Bourbon Cider Thyme Punch and the Bloody Venom Cocktail. All of these cocktails have a “spooky” component – just right for Halloween! If you want to skip ahead, you can order here! 3 cocktail recipes are included in each box with enough to make 4 cocktails per recipe for a total of 12 cocktails! 

Let’s explore the box that will be released in October 2020!

The Cocktails!

Halloween Bourbon Creamsicle

This first recipe comes from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail which is one of the most popular places for adults to go from distillery door to door and get treats and not be tricked.

Halloween is one of the best holidays because you get to dress up in whatever pleases you and drink whatever you like. No judgment here. This decadent boozy delight was created to help the adults get through the evening and relax while all the craziness outside passes by. The cream soda is a really refreshing addition and if you like a little less sugar in your cocktail the orange juice can be replaced with lemon juice to give it a little dry citrus.

Due to COVID-19 the Distillery Trail is re-opening and these distillers love to see people and tell their tales about their bourbon. October is the perfect month to get out and take a road trip, but check the Kentucky Bourbon Trail website before setting out for an adventure.


Bourbon Cider Thyme Punch

This recipe comes to us from “Southern Living”.

Make the perfect fall party punch (for when it’s still too warm for a hot cocktail!) with this Bourbon Apple Cider Thyme Punch. This fresh fruity sipper is sweet and herb-infused, and guaranteed to warm you from the toes up with its spiked kick. If we had to pick a house spirit for the South, it would (unquestionably) have to be awarded to the Kentucky-born star that just keeps getting better with age: bourbon.

Down in these parts, folks know the warm feeling of bourbon trickling down the throat in a slow, honey-like fashion. And it happens to be the perfect touch to any seasonal cocktail. You just can’t go wrong with a big-batch punch for any fall entertaining.

Deliciously sweet with a kick of tart flavor, this rich thyme-infused cider punch has all the flavor elements you want for your next party. Apple cider, bourbon, club soda, Thyme Simple Syrup, Angostura bitters, Fuji apple slices, and fresh thyme sprigs make up this chilled, pretty party punch. Stir them together in a large punch bowl or pitcher, and serve over ice garnished with thyme and apple slices.  – Southern Living


Bloody Venom Cocktail

This recipe (and photo) is spirited to us by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist.

For bourbon and whiskey lovers who want a little mischief mixed into their grisly celebration, plan ahead with a few spell inducing potions that scream ‘Halloween.” Drops of ‘blood’, oozing foam and a little black magic will horrify the most gruesome phantoms during the Day of the Dead. – Cheri Loughlin

In the cocktail world it is amazing how many people enjoy cocktails (and bourbon) enough to make it a full time job. Cheri Loughlin is one of those individuals who is a photographer, writer and an all around cocktail savant. She has a book on her website with 36 Halloween cocktails and shooters that would make any party extra spooky!

Check her out while you are sipping on the Bloody Venom Cocktail!


That’s the rundown of the Bundled Bourbon Box for October! No alcohol is in this box – we will tell you what to provide in the kit instructions!


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Stay well and cheers!